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Marry Me Mads - Maddison Gillespie

Marrying The Hopeless Romantics

Me Mads.

Civil Celebrant Golden Plains Shire Based
Dice with Hearts - Celebrant Mitchell Shire Marry Me Mads


I focus on marrying the hopeless romantics and the ride & die type lovers
 *Que Lana Del Rey background music* 

Dice with Hearts - Celebrant Ballarat Marry Me Mads
Red Hearts - Geelong Celebrant Marry Me Mads



A do er, a hyper-fixated obsessed with love, good viber, chocolate mousse eater, professional prosecco & cosmopolitan taster, pink & red, sparkle, loving, super human. 

Marry Me Mads - Get Married By Mads


HowAre Ya's?

Fancy seeing your face in a place like this! 

It’s me Mads, you know your long lost bestie? 

Get outta’ town are you hotties getting married?!


From the beginning of time, I have laughed loud, felt deeply & cheered everyone on from the side lines that took a chance on themselves, love or life in general. 

It’s important to me that we share all experiences and take a moment to reflect on all that is fabulous in order to celebrate momentous occasions. 

I have a weird and wonderful way of performing and crafting love stories. It goes from one end of the world to the other and the journey is about sharing all that is iconic about you both. With a sprinkle (definitely the dollar sweets hundred and thousands sprinkles) of Marry Me Mads Vibes.

I’m the type of gal, that loves to get to know you. We’d sit down over a beverage of some kind and you would find out, that I am the Mads that has your back, gives a shit and wants to showcase you babes for who YOU are on YOUR wedding day!

I would find out that you two are obsessed with one another, you laugh louder than I & that you can eat a million chicken wings in one sitting and your FIANCE’ can do a fully sick mono. 

My point is, the iconic and personalised ceremonies

Cocktails - Fun Celebrant Ballarat Marry Me Mads
Marry Me Mads Unique Celebrant
Marry Me Mads - Maddison Gillespie
Cocktails - Fun Celebrant Geelong Marry Me Mads

we create – yes, we. Cannot not be conjured up without your fierce personalities, and your love story! 

Whether that be a true connectedness, showing up and supporting each other wholeheartedly, a tamer lover, a wild shenanigan kind-a-lurve. 

Whatever your love, your guests will be hanging on to every word we share, and will be inclined to exclaim every awh, every OOO, applaud loudly, shed a tear, subject to bladder control – wee. From laughter of course…

The end game for me is to make you feel like the only humans in the world, and that its like just hanging out with your gal pal, mate or shenanigan extraordinaire.  

All My Love, 

Mads x 

Red Cards Elope Ballarat Marry Me Mads


to always ensure you are made to feel that you’re the only humans in the world
 Oh wait! The vow part is supposed to be YOURS

Dice with Hearts - Marry Me Mads
Red Cards Elope Ballarat Marry Me Mads
Get Married By Mads


Get Married By Mads

Marry Me Mads Celebrant Logo



I guess I could go on to remind you just how fkn sick I am… 
Let these babes
(soon to be you) fill you in…

Marry Me Mads was an absolute pleasure to deal with. From the first meeting, explaining the entire process to us so we understood every detail to the elopement wedding day, we loved working with Mads. We loved how she put her own spin on the day and was our own hype girl, which is exactly what we needed! This girl can definitely read a crowd and she was an absolute hit. Couldn’t thank her enough for being a part of our special day.

Mads & Hugh

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